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Republic of Whiskey

Republic of Whiskey

Signature Small Batch

ABV: 43% Aged in Bourbon Casks Non chill-filtered

Irish distilling traditions

Our signature small batch whiskey combines Irish distilling traditions – triple-distilled, single-pot still and a column-distilled grain spirit. And with a higher proportion of Irish Single Malt, this whiskey’s heavy Bourbon Cask infusion is combined with strong cereal notes. This is a smooth whiskey derived from a careful blend of Ireland’s modern distilling traditions and reflecting Belfast’s character of modernity in outlook and technique.

Available in 70cl, 75cl and 5cl miniature bottles

a blend of the finest whiskey

Our ‘Republic’ is a blend of the finest whiskey. Inspired by our country and our city, we celebrate Ireland’s diverse range of distilling techniques. Our casks are hand-selected and assembled in small batches to ensure a smooth whiskey that is rich in character. We bottle at strong proof so it will maintain its complexity and texture without chill-filtering.

Enjoy this whiskey however you like, but heed our sage advice and consume it responsibly.

Sláinte mhaith!