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So what’s a ‘small batch blender’?

Whiskey is a natural product, as varied as all the conditions that go into its production. By blending spirit, the Republic of Whiskey takes the very best that Ireland has to offer and combines it into a superior product. We aim to recreate the very best tradition of whiskey-making that our city – Belfast – has to offer.

What is traditional Belfast whiskey?

Belfast’s whiskey tradition is grounded in an open-minded attitude. Whether it be ‘peated’, sherry cask or bourbon, we select the best whiskey and combine the spirt to make it even better. Our skill is in blending the finest spirit into superior whiskey that reflects collective influences, innovations and the convergence of tastes.

Where does tradition meet innovation?

In Belfast, where whiskey production became a huge export industry in the early nineteenth century. That was when we adopted the Irish-invented Coffey (or column) still, while at the same time we pioneered ‘peated’ whiskey in our growing export markets. Belfast whiskey reflects the convergence of good whiskey and better ideas.

What happens in the Republic of Whiskey?

At Republic of Whiskey we select the best Ireland has to offer and combine our casks to reflect our city’s tradition of whiskey-making. In doing so, we produce a varying range of whiskey styles to reflect Ireland’s true spirit and its outlook on the world. This is Irish whiskey, Belfast whiskey, whiskey for everybody!

What is Belfast Whiskey?

By 1891 Belfast was Ireland’s largest city, a globally significant port and centre of industrial innovation. It was also home to the world’s leading shipbuilders & whiskey distilleries, which led to domination of the export market. Combining Irish & Scottish traditions, with an international outlook, Belfast created whiskey with global ambition.